Remembering King’s Dream BLM Wakes Up Memphis

Change begins with those who envision change… I see change on the horizon… Can you see it?

#BlackLivesMatter Memphis Chapter

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Screenshot_2016-01-19-08-24-31-2 Auction Block 

On January 18, 2016, the City of Memphis held its annual King Day celebrations.  Members of Black Lives Matter, Memphis Bus Riders Union, Mid-South Peace & Justice, and various sororities and fraternities participated in the annual King Parade organized by Dr. Isaac Richmond.

Auction Street historically known for it’s immoral, social, and economic degradation where Blacks were sold into bondage to the highest bidder is where all participants assembled by the slab.  Drums were beating as a remembrance of our African Culture that some have forgotten.  The Reclaim King March preceding the parade, which was led in prayer by Meredith Pace of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center on the auction block. The Reclaim MLK March began on the same street that our ancestors were sold as slaves,  arrested, beaten, and killed.

12501732_630775457060594_1044611764_n Tanzi Rene Tikeila Rucker and youth

The purpose of the March is to illustrate the lack of…

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