Remembering King’s Dream BLM Wakes Up Memphis

Change begins with those who envision change… I see change on the horizon… Can you see it?

#BlackLivesMatter Memphis Chapter

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Screenshot_2016-01-19-08-24-31-2 Auction Block 

On January 18, 2016, the City of Memphis held its annual King Day celebrations.  Members of Black Lives Matter, Memphis Bus Riders Union, Mid-South Peace & Justice, and various sororities and fraternities participated in the annual King Parade organized by Dr. Isaac Richmond.

Auction Street historically known for it’s immoral, social, and economic degradation where Blacks were sold into bondage to the highest bidder is where all participants assembled by the slab.  Drums were beating as a remembrance of our African Culture that some have forgotten.  The Reclaim King March preceding the parade, which was led in prayer by Meredith Pace of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center on the auction block. The Reclaim MLK March began on the same street that our ancestors were sold as slaves,  arrested, beaten, and killed.

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The purpose of the March is to illustrate the lack of…

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Update on P. Moses Fight For Freedom of Speech in Memphis


On 11-21-2014, P. Moses {Community Activist & Musician} showed up at 8:30 am at 201 Poplar, only to find that her scheduled hearing had been postponed to 11:00 am and transferred to the Supreme Court room in 140 Adams. Moses was not aware of the changes and contended, “This is just a tactic of confusion to distract me from the real issues of seeking justice.” All witness had been notified but not Moses. When Moses entered the Supreme Court room there were 20 armed sheriff officers to observe the proceedings.

The Honorable Judge Paul B. Conley, of Crockett County, Alamo TN,  took a recess after Moses gave an opening statement. After 2 hours in his chambers reading, Moses file and with 2 green TCA law books from he obtained from the law library, Judge Conley came back to the bench enlightened.  He recused himself from hearing the matter.  Conley is the 7th judge to recuse himself, in respects to Moses’ legal matters, but not before the charge of disorderly conduct was voluntarily dismissed by the prosecutor Bryan Davis. Davis vowed that he would make sure Moses is found guilty of the escape charge, in which she was significantly injured almost died on Interstate 240. He could not explain his reasons for vehemently pursuing the charge but assured onlookers, that he was just doing his job and following orders from the District Attorney.

20140411_200904The disorderly conduct charged stemmed from Judge Joe Brown Hip Hop celebration and fundraiser in early May.  Moses said this event was hosted by one of her rap idols MJG, and was designed to energize African-American youth to register to vote.  The event was successful until the end, where the police showed up and she was falsely arrested.

Moses arrest came moments after she informed Judge Joe Brown, in the parking lot, that several police cars had arrived. Moses encouraged Brown not to drive his Mercedes Benz and to leave with another judicial candidate who gave him a ride away from the A-Game Bar and Grill located on Winchester.  Brown left without incident.  Moses was an appointed as a social media political, strategist and severed ties with Brown’s campaign the night of the false arrest.

Moses said, “The police had not been called, they just showed up claiming that there was a fight in the McDonald’s located next door.” Moses proclaimed she was arrested because the same police were apart of an association who endorsed Amy Weirich, Brown’s opponent. The police were highly upset because Moses tipped off Brown of their presence. The police assumed Brown was intoxicated and that she was friends with him. Moses stated that, all of the democratic supporters and campaign workers were becoming targets, being pulled over for no reason, and she could not continue to be harassed because she had children and only wanted to see competent, level minded, people elected to public office.

Moses was also terminated from her position as machine operator with the Shelby County Election Commission after the arrest. She stated, “they didn’t want anyone working inside who could possibly figure out how elections are manipulated and with my expertise in computers I could have easily figured it out what they have been doing to steal elections, Richard Holden sent me an email firing me no reason was given”.Picture 010

The Escape charge has been reset to 2-09-2015, and will be heard by former Attorney General the Honorable Paul Summers of Nashville. Attorneys Marlinee Iverson and Virginia Bozeman have signed on as attorneys of record for Phyllis Gardner in Federal Court.  Moses anticipates that a hearing on the order of protection should take place shortly. Moses seeks to depose Phyllis Gardner prior to the hearing because she states she is not being truthful.

Moses stated, that she “just wants to be heard and have an impartial judge and a former Attorney General should understand Due Process and realize that the real crime was committed against her, and then JUSTICE will be served.