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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local activist is seeking $1 million over comments reportedly made by Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland. The lawsuit, which names both Roland and the Shelby County government, was filed on behalf of Black Lives Matter activist Pamela Moses just last week over comments reportedly made during a June 2017 commission meeting.… via […]

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A Modern Day Lynching

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Murdered for Riding While Black

Killer Cop Schilling

On March 31, 2016, Officer Connor Schilling was permitted to retire from the Memphis Police Department because of his disability. He was allegedly diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This retirement will allow him to collect $2300.00 from the City of Memphis pension plan. The board unanimously approved this decision.

TSD_Stewart_t750x550 Attorney Carlos Moore and Darrius’ Father

Darrius Stewart’s father’s Attorney Carlos Moore held a press conference on the courthouse steps of 140 Adams St. Moore compared the decision to pay Schilling to a modern day lynching.  According to the facts of this case and Memphis’ history, his comparison is not unusual. 

History has repeated itself once again in Memphis. If you are familiar you with 140 Adams St. then you must understand the significance of this building and…

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All things are working for my good.
An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

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Prosecutorial Misconduct Exposed in Shelby County District Attorney’s Office

On March 4, 2016, Pamela Moses was released from the Shelby County Jail.  Judge J. W. McCraw presided over the Petition for Probation Revocation hearing, led by Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Nicholas.  Nicholas demanded Moses be kept in jail for alleged probation violations, on the wrongful convictions that are presently before the Tennessee Court of Appeals in Jackson, TN.  Attorney Josie Holland has submitted a 76-page brief delineating the injustice and vindictive prosecution suffered by Moses.  The State of Tennessee has not yet responded to the Ms. Holland’s Appellant Brief on the Motion to Withdraw the coerced guilty plea.

From January 22, 2015, Moses was held on a $500,000.00 bail for non-violent offenses stemming from a Facebook Page, “Bring Civil Rights Charges Against Phyllis Gardner.” Four hours of testimony from eight state witnesses later, mostly law enforcement and…

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Moses Files Class Action Lawsuit Against District Attorney Amy Weirich

Activist Demands for the Release of Hundreds of Inmates and Declares Abuse of Power in Civil Rights Lawsuit.
1classaction lawsuit

MEMPHIS, Tenn.Dec. 21, 2015  ­    Pamela Moses aka P. Moses, filed an Amended Federal Complaint for Retaliation and other Civil Rights Violations in the United States Western District Court against Shelby County’s District Attorney Amy Weirich. The Class Action case is assigned Federal James D. Todd of U.S. District of Tennessee of Jackson. This filing comes after continually suspected corruption, and heavy criticism of Amy Weirich’s administration in the handling of many prosecutions in Shelby County. The Complaint alleges that Moses was arrested on false charges, last December in retaliation for political comments, allegedly made against a Judge Phyllis Gardner on Facebook. On October 7, 2015, Circuit Court Judge Robert Weiss entered an order allowing Gardner to dismiss her Petition for Order of Protection against Moses.

Before False Arrest

P. Moses

According to the complaint, Moses seeks to add over 200 or more persons to the Class Action Lawsuit. In a recent interview, Moses said, “I was falsely arrested seven days before Christmas, held without any Due Process, and denied Bail. I was not formally charged with a crime, and when I was charged none of the charges alleged violence. It was obvious this was personal and done out of sheer malice. I was targeted for utilizing my Freedom of Speech. Others are being held illegally. People have a presumption of innocence, and the continual violation of people’s DUE PROCESS rights is a grave injustice. God gave me this assignment and guided me with this filing. The sole purpose of this case is to free people, and shed light on the systematic pattern of discriminatory practices within the current local government.”
givemeliberty  Any persons who suffered beginning December 18, 2014, whose Due Process Rights were violated, by being falsely arrested, by not reading and advising them of their Miranda Rights, strip­searched for non­violent misdemeanor charges, being held without being seen by a Magistrate or Judge in a reasonable time, or being held on an excessive Bail, are welcome to join the Class Action Lawsuit. The description of the class is attached. Moses also seeks to uncover Shelby County’s Grand Jury improprieties, and if any person has any discrepancies with their indictments, which bears the name of a person that is a not a licensed attorney, but is listed in the indictment as a prosecutor, they can also join in the Class Action Lawsuit. Moses seeks accountability and massive reform of the Criminal Arrest Process in Shelby County, and she stated that it begins with enforcement of the Tennessee laws and the United States Constitution. To participate in this Class Action lawsuit or you wish to learn more about this action contact classactionlawsuitmemphis@gmail.com



1. Defendants, acting under the Color of State Law, unlawfully detained and imprisoned members of The Class when they brought them into custody, strip­searched them, held them in solitary confinement, did not afford them a timely arraignment, and violated their Fifth Amendment for Due Process Fourteenth Amendment for Equal Protection, and violating, Eighth Amendment not setting Bail which all citizens regardless of race have an absolute right to have.

2. The bail in Shelby County is not set in accordance with statute T.C.A.§ 40­11­105.Right to Bail; powers and duties in violations of The Bail Reform Act of 1984. 3. Over hundreds of African­Americans, and other poor minorities are arrested in Shelby County and under the direct instructions of “Weirich” to law enforcement officers where they are instructed to charge the person with a felony regardless of the offense, to ensure the setting of a high bail and guaranteed conviction. Weirich also has instructed the Assistant Attorney Generals, who have taken an oath to uphold the law to treat African American Defendants differently by informing their attorney that they will not make any plea agreements with their clients and that they must plead to the charged offense to ensure a guaranteed felony. This is known in Shelby County as “NO DEALS”.

4. All persons included in the Class stems from all, but not limited to the Arrest of the wrong person, Arrest of a person without probable cause that that person committed a crime, Arrest without the mention of the suspect’s Miranda Rights, Arrest without just cause, Arrest with an arrest warrant that was obtained with false information given to the court by a police officer, Arrest by incompetence, Arrest for personal gain, Arrest based on race, Arrest based on pure malice. Any individuals with nonviolent charges or misdemeanors who were strip searched by jail officers.


Judge Voluntarily Dismisses Facebook Case Against Rapper

P. Moses Says Judge Maliciously Prosecuted Her For Political Speech


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Oct. 7, 2015 – PRLog — On October 7, 2015, Pamela Moses aka P. Moses appeared in Division 8 at 140 Adams before the Honorable Judge Robert Samual Weiss, in Shelby County Circuit Court, Memphis, TN. Moses was set to appear for trial on a petition for the order of protection filed by Judge Phyllis Gardner. On June 6, 2015, Moses was granted a de novo appeal by the Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers of Nashville.

Honorable Judge Robert Samual Weiss

Moses filed a cross-complaint prior to the October hearing alleging that Gardner defamed and slandered her by calling her a sovereign citizen. Moses maintained that she had been denied Due Process in the lower court and not permitted to call witnesses due to her false arrest in December. During the hearing, Moses stated that, according to the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure, she had a constitutional right to be heard by a jury of 12 people, and she requested Judge Weiss recuse himself. Weiss opted to take the request for recusal under advisement and then proceeded to continue the trial for another date. Subsequently, the court struck Moses’ cross-complaint from the record that included defamation and seven other counts, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with business contracts, racketeering under RICO, and conspiracy.

Upon a heated exchange of legal opinions between Moses and County Attorney John Paul Jones, the court took a brief recess. Before the court could rule and give a new court date, Judge Phyllis Gardner moved for a voluntary nonsuit, and her attorney agreed to pay all court fees. Moses contended she was entitled to attorney fees and Judge Weiss stated she was not an attorney, and he could not grant them, and that she needed to read the rules or file the proper motion. Moses exclaimed “I have lost everything, my child, my time—I even had free tickets today for the BET Hip-hop awards party. Over a year of my life has been wasted. I went to jail. I am entitled to something.” The court instructed her to file the proper motions. Moses stated that she was glad the litigation is almost over and that she believes she will clear her name and get her son back.

Team Grizzlies

Mother P. Moses & Son Taj’ Tello at a Memphis Grizzlie game

Radio stations, including 91.7 FM, recently interviewed Moses regarding this matter. Moses is now accepting all media requests. All media requests should be submitted to libkrecords@gmail.com, and Attorney Josie Holland for consideration

P. Moses Scheduled to Appear in Court on Facebook Case

Before False Arrest

P. Moses

On June 23, 2015, Pamela Moses will appear in Division 3 at 201 Poplar Avenue before the Honorable Judge J. Weber McCraw for a Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea for coercion and Brady violations.  McCraw of Fayette County presided over the 2006 high profile case of Mary Winkler, who killed her husband but was exonerated by a jury of murder and convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

It is not known if Moses will have to make the bail reduced by Judge McCraw from $500,000.00 to $205,000.00 initially set by Shelby County Judge James Lammey.  Subsequently, he along with all other Shelby County judges recused themselves from hearing Moses’ case.  New laws passed by ten Shelby County judges have become effective requiring open source hearings for bails set over $75.000.00.  Moses is the first person in Shelby County charged with a non-violent crime to have a bail set over $75,000.00.
Senior Judge Paul Summers of Nashville recently granted Moses an appeal to Circuit Court on the Order of Protection decided in February in favor of Judge Phyllis Gardner.  In her most recent interview, Moses said, “I am prayerful that this situation will soon be resolved.  I simply need Due Process and a fair trial.  I just want to get back to focusing on raising my 6- year-old son and for my family to be able to return to their lives without fear of my fate. I was denied bail for (35) Thirty-five days and arrested without Due Process (7) seven days before Christmas – the evening before my son’s last day of school before the holidays began. Our break began with me missing out on his performance in the Christmas program. The excessive bail meant I also missed being home with him 118 days this year and every holiday thru Easter 2015.  What was done to me is unconstitutional, and I just hope that justice is soon served.  I know God has the final decision in my life.”


This hearing is open to the public and media. We are urging all citizens who are concerned about protecting free speech and other fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution in Memphis and Shelby County,TN to attend.  Counsel requests that the press file all Rule 30 motions with the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk under Docket #0014-06502 prior to the hearing.  Moses is making a personal appeal to all individuals who believe in justice, free speech, equality, and equal protection under the law to attend regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. The hearing will begin at 9:00 am in Division 3, 201 Poplar Avenue on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

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Senior Judge Grants Moses’ Appeal In Facebook Case Heads To A Jury

P. Moses Memphis' Pretty Pimp

serioussummersJune 9, 2015MEMPHIS, Tenn.On June 6, 2015, Pamela Moses was granted an appeal from the General Sessions Court to the Circuit  Court on the Order of Protection case against Judge Phyllis Gardner entered on February 17, 2015.  Moses  mailed in handwritten papers to the court to satisfy the timely perfected appeal of the order of protection.  The appeal guarantees Moses the right to have the matter heard De Novo (Latin, meaning roughly “heard  anew”) in Circuit Court and before a jury.  Moses, now released from jail, contends she was unable to put on  an adequate defense during a hearing which took place before the Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers

Order from Judge Summers

Moses Handwritten Appeal

on February 9.  Moses said, “Judge Summers is an intelligent, respectful person and also the former Attorney General of the  State of Tennessee.  He ruled properly on the facts that were presented but did not know those…

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Senior Judge Grants Moses’ Appeal In Facebook Case Heads To A Jury

serioussummers June 9, 2015MEMPHIS, Tenn.On June 6, 2015, Pamela Moses was granted an appeal from the General Sessions Court to the Circuit  Court on the Order of Protection case against Judge Phyllis Gardner entered on February 17, 2015.  Moses  mailed in handwritten papers to the court to satisfy the timely perfected appeal of the order of protection.  The appeal guarantees Moses the right to have the matter heard De Novo (Latin, meaning roughly “heard  anew”) in Circuit Court and before a jury.  Moses, now released from jail, contends she was unable to put on  an adequate defense during a hearing which took place before the Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers

Order from Judge Summers

Moses Handwritten Appeal

on February 9.  Moses said, “Judge Summers is an intelligent, respectful person and also the former Attorney General of the  State of Tennessee.  He ruled properly on the facts that were presented but did not know those facts were  deceitful and rehearsed by the Petitioner.  Regardless of the presentation, this case not only involves matters of free speech, and the constitutional right to criticize public officials but this case is a matter of public opinion, which should be decided by a jury of my peers.

America Means Freedom

“Remember, this is a case about a ​JUDGE seeking an unconstitutional order of protection to prohibit things  she does not like on the Internet, and sees on Facebook.  This decision should not be decided solely by a member of the judiciary. This is America and our laws were created prior to the invention of the internet, and  most people just don’t understand Facebook or me.  Consequently, my peers should decide whether it is a  violation of my civil rights to restrict access to a public buildings by a disgruntled judicial candidate.  What is not acceptable to some could be entirely acceptable to others.

womanfreespeechMoses awaits assignment of another judge and jury selection on the Order of Protection in the Thirtieth District Circuit Court of Shelby County.  A press conference will be scheduled regarding Moses’ other legal matters.






For Release 9:00 am CST, June 10, 2015

Moses Withdraws Guilty Plea In Facebook Case Due To Confusion and Coercion

Attorney Josie Holland


On May 5th, 2015, Attorney Josie Holland filed a notice of intent to withdraw a guilty plea on behalf of  Pamela Moses in the 30th District Shelby County Criminal Court.  On April, 29th, 2015, Pamela Moses  appeared on a number of pre­trial motions prepared by the defense.  After the motions to dismiss were  presented to the court, Prosecutor Bryce Phillips of the District Attorney’s Office, without notice, filed a  motion to place Moses on Administrative Segregation, which would have removed her from the jail’s general  population (i.e. placed her in solitary confinement).  At that time, Moses had been in custody for five months  on a bond Judge James Lammey initially set at $500,000.00 for a single indictment.  Those charges related  to Facebook posts, allegedly written by Moses, advocating for civil rights charges brought against General  Sessions Judge Phyllis Gardner.  The District Attorney’s Office alleged these Facebook posts constituted  stalking and harassment.

Prior to her arrest, Moses sued Gardner in federal court for defamation, slander, and RICO violations per  that complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee.  On March 4, 2015, while in custody, Judge Sheryl H. Lipman granted Moses subject ­matter jurisdiction.  Moses’s arrest  for the Facebook charges came only 10 days after Moses filed a petition against the Tennessee Bureau of  Investigations (TBI).  Beginning December 18, 2014, Moses was held in the county jail for 35 days without  arraignment or bond.  Grand jury proceedings, which allegedly occurred on the same day that Moses was  arrested, included Ryan Fletcher of the TBI who served as both the Shelby County District Attorney’s  prosecutor (even though Fletcher is not a licensed attorney) and sole witness for the State of Tennessee.

Tennessee BS of Investigation

On February 9, 2015, Moses, shackled and dressed in orange prison garb, appeared before Nashville’s  Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers, former Tennessee Attorney General, who was appointed by the Administrative Office of the Courts.  The dispute between Moses and Gardner began when Moses,  represented herself and sued Comcast telecommunication provider, in the General Sessions Court of  Shelby County. Judge Gardner then requested she preside over the Comcast case.  On February 19, 2014, Judge Gardner demanded to see Moses’s driver’s license, which Moses produced.  Gardner held  Moses in contempt of court without stating the grounds for the contempt and without a hearing.  After being  held in custody unlawfully, Moses was charged with escape of misdemeanor incarceration 2 days later.

On September 8, 2014, Gardner, filed for an order of protection against Moses, after unsuccessfully battling  against Moses in ancillary civil matters.  After a series of recusals by local judges, Judge Summers traveled  to Memphis for the escape matter and Gardner’s petition for order of protection.  At the hearing’s conclusion, Judge Summers dismissed the escape charge for the unnecessary delay caused by the District Attorney’s Office, finding Moses had been prejudiced by the prosecutor’s’ lack of diligence.

Believe In Free Speech

Four days after Judge Summer’s dismissals, the District Attorney’s Office indicted Moses for evading arrest.  Local judges of Shelby County Criminal Court, Judge Lammey, followed by Judge Lee Coffee, and Judge  Robert Carter, recused themselves from the Facebook case.  Judges Gardner, Lammey, Coffee, and Carter  are all former prosecutors from the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.  Tennessee Supreme Court  Chief Justice Sharon Lee appointed Judge Weber J. McCraw of Somerville to preside as special judge over  the Facebook case.  Judge McCraw reduced Moses’s bail to $205,000.00.  Despite the reduction, Moses  still could not post bail.

Threatened with solitary confinement and frightened by what Moses views as an abuse of power, she  involuntarily pleaded to charges alleged in the Facebook indictment. “I was terrified by the continual abuse  of power and lack of due process in Memphis courts.  I was retaliated against for my personal beliefs and  making valid complaints against judicial and administrative officers.  There are others also being held  illegally.  I am blessed.  Each and every day I pray for those individuals, just as I pray for the government  officials who brought false criminal charges against me for exercising my First Amendment rights.  Memphis  has terrible injustices, but I know God will right all wrongs.  I know he will protect those who choose to help  me fight these injustices,” Moses stated upon release.  The Court of Criminal Appeals recently overturned  convictions of Ashley Wheeler for prosecutorial misconduct involving District Attorney Amy Weirich and  Bryce Phillips.  As stated previously, Phillips now leads the charge on the Facebook prosecution against  Moses.

From Noura Jackson Trial Moses seeks to withdraw her plea based in part upon the improper coercion brought upon by the District  Attorney’s threat of solitary confinement and confusion.  When Moses pleaded, she was not aware, nor  informed by the court, that her plea might affect her pending federal litigation.  “I just want to be free and  treated fairly,” Moses said.  A press conference is scheduled, pending a hearing on the withdrawal of the plea.

For Release 9:00 am CST, May 15, 2015