Moses Files Class Action Lawsuit Against District Attorney Amy Weirich

Activist Demands for the Release of Hundreds of Inmates and Declares Abuse of Power in Civil Rights Lawsuit.
1classaction lawsuit

MEMPHIS, Tenn.Dec. 21, 2015  ­    Pamela Moses aka P. Moses, filed an Amended Federal Complaint for Retaliation and other Civil Rights Violations in the United States Western District Court against Shelby County’s District Attorney Amy Weirich. The Class Action case is assigned Federal James D. Todd of U.S. District of Tennessee of Jackson. This filing comes after continually suspected corruption, and heavy criticism of Amy Weirich’s administration in the handling of many prosecutions in Shelby County. The Complaint alleges that Moses was arrested on false charges, last December in retaliation for political comments, allegedly made against a Judge Phyllis Gardner on Facebook. On October 7, 2015, Circuit Court Judge Robert Weiss entered an order allowing Gardner to dismiss her Petition for Order of Protection against Moses.

Before False Arrest

P. Moses

According to the complaint, Moses seeks to add over 200 or more persons to the Class Action Lawsuit. In a recent interview, Moses said, “I was falsely arrested seven days before Christmas, held without any Due Process, and denied Bail. I was not formally charged with a crime, and when I was charged none of the charges alleged violence. It was obvious this was personal and done out of sheer malice. I was targeted for utilizing my Freedom of Speech. Others are being held illegally. People have a presumption of innocence, and the continual violation of people’s DUE PROCESS rights is a grave injustice. God gave me this assignment and guided me with this filing. The sole purpose of this case is to free people, and shed light on the systematic pattern of discriminatory practices within the current local government.”
givemeliberty  Any persons who suffered beginning December 18, 2014, whose Due Process Rights were violated, by being falsely arrested, by not reading and advising them of their Miranda Rights, strip­searched for non­violent misdemeanor charges, being held without being seen by a Magistrate or Judge in a reasonable time, or being held on an excessive Bail, are welcome to join the Class Action Lawsuit. The description of the class is attached. Moses also seeks to uncover Shelby County’s Grand Jury improprieties, and if any person has any discrepancies with their indictments, which bears the name of a person that is a not a licensed attorney, but is listed in the indictment as a prosecutor, they can also join in the Class Action Lawsuit. Moses seeks accountability and massive reform of the Criminal Arrest Process in Shelby County, and she stated that it begins with enforcement of the Tennessee laws and the United States Constitution. To participate in this Class Action lawsuit or you wish to learn more about this action contact



1. Defendants, acting under the Color of State Law, unlawfully detained and imprisoned members of The Class when they brought them into custody, strip­searched them, held them in solitary confinement, did not afford them a timely arraignment, and violated their Fifth Amendment for Due Process Fourteenth Amendment for Equal Protection, and violating, Eighth Amendment not setting Bail which all citizens regardless of race have an absolute right to have.

2. The bail in Shelby County is not set in accordance with statute T.C.A.§ 40­11­105.Right to Bail; powers and duties in violations of The Bail Reform Act of 1984. 3. Over hundreds of African­Americans, and other poor minorities are arrested in Shelby County and under the direct instructions of “Weirich” to law enforcement officers where they are instructed to charge the person with a felony regardless of the offense, to ensure the setting of a high bail and guaranteed conviction. Weirich also has instructed the Assistant Attorney Generals, who have taken an oath to uphold the law to treat African American Defendants differently by informing their attorney that they will not make any plea agreements with their clients and that they must plead to the charged offense to ensure a guaranteed felony. This is known in Shelby County as “NO DEALS”.

4. All persons included in the Class stems from all, but not limited to the Arrest of the wrong person, Arrest of a person without probable cause that that person committed a crime, Arrest without the mention of the suspect’s Miranda Rights, Arrest without just cause, Arrest with an arrest warrant that was obtained with false information given to the court by a police officer, Arrest by incompetence, Arrest for personal gain, Arrest based on race, Arrest based on pure malice. Any individuals with nonviolent charges or misdemeanors who were strip searched by jail officers.


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