P. Moses Scheduled to Appear in Court on Facebook Case

Before False Arrest

P. Moses

On June 23, 2015, Pamela Moses will appear in Division 3 at 201 Poplar Avenue before the Honorable Judge J. Weber McCraw for a Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea for coercion and Brady violations.  McCraw of Fayette County presided over the 2006 high profile case of Mary Winkler, who killed her husband but was exonerated by a jury of murder and convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

It is not known if Moses will have to make the bail reduced by Judge McCraw from $500,000.00 to $205,000.00 initially set by Shelby County Judge James Lammey.  Subsequently, he along with all other Shelby County judges recused themselves from hearing Moses’ case.  New laws passed by ten Shelby County judges have become effective requiring open source hearings for bails set over $75.000.00.  Moses is the first person in Shelby County charged with a non-violent crime to have a bail set over $75,000.00.
Senior Judge Paul Summers of Nashville recently granted Moses an appeal to Circuit Court on the Order of Protection decided in February in favor of Judge Phyllis Gardner.  In her most recent interview, Moses said, “I am prayerful that this situation will soon be resolved.  I simply need Due Process and a fair trial.  I just want to get back to focusing on raising my 6- year-old son and for my family to be able to return to their lives without fear of my fate. I was denied bail for (35) Thirty-five days and arrested without Due Process (7) seven days before Christmas – the evening before my son’s last day of school before the holidays began. Our break began with me missing out on his performance in the Christmas program. The excessive bail meant I also missed being home with him 118 days this year and every holiday thru Easter 2015.  What was done to me is unconstitutional, and I just hope that justice is soon served.  I know God has the final decision in my life.”


This hearing is open to the public and media. We are urging all citizens who are concerned about protecting free speech and other fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution in Memphis and Shelby County,TN to attend.  Counsel requests that the press file all Rule 30 motions with the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk under Docket #0014-06502 prior to the hearing.  Moses is making a personal appeal to all individuals who believe in justice, free speech, equality, and equal protection under the law to attend regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. The hearing will begin at 9:00 am in Division 3, 201 Poplar Avenue on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

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