Senior Judge Grants Moses’ Appeal In Facebook Case Heads To A Jury

P. Moses Memphis' Pretty Pimp

serioussummersJune 9, 2015MEMPHIS, Tenn.On June 6, 2015, Pamela Moses was granted an appeal from the General Sessions Court to the Circuit  Court on the Order of Protection case against Judge Phyllis Gardner entered on February 17, 2015.  Moses  mailed in handwritten papers to the court to satisfy the timely perfected appeal of the order of protection.  The appeal guarantees Moses the right to have the matter heard De Novo (Latin, meaning roughly “heard  anew”) in Circuit Court and before a jury.  Moses, now released from jail, contends she was unable to put on  an adequate defense during a hearing which took place before the Honorable Senior Judge Paul Summers

Order from Judge Summers

Moses Handwritten Appeal

on February 9.  Moses said, “Judge Summers is an intelligent, respectful person and also the former Attorney General of the  State of Tennessee.  He ruled properly on the facts that were presented but did not know those…

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