Tell Attorney General Eric Holder: Stop attacking the First Amendment & Protect Civil Rights

The Attorney General has the highest duty to protect all rights don’t forget about the First Amendment when you think about all the senseless killings at the hands of law enforcement.

.Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight

Attorney General Holder department’s seizure of two months worth of the Associated Press’ phone records amounts to nothing less than an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment.  This indiscriminate surveillance of journalists is part of a larger pattern within your department to go after whistleblowers without consideration of the vital role a free press plays in our democracy.

We join the Associated Press in calling on you to return the records you seized and to destroy any copies you have made. In addition, we call on you to end your dangerous war on whistleblowers and people who exercise Freedom of Speech.

We Call For Immediate Action for Los Angeles, Cleveland, Memphis, St. Louis, New York, and every city that has become a victim to Police Brutality and the continual over-zealous militarization training that plaques our communities and caused constant distrust in Government.

“We The People By the Power Vested in the United States Constitution Call For Action.”

We demand that the Civil Right Act of 1964 be enforced in all states.
We demand Racial Reform in all Police precincts and appropriate affirmative action, in regards to demographics.
We demand removal of office of any person who fails to adequately maintain rape kits and protect women rights.
We demand action into racial profiling walking and driving.
We demand action into abuse of power from elected officials who shield guilty parties including District Attorneys.
We demand protection of Civil Liberties.
We demand prison reform and humane treatment of prisoners.
We demand Civil Rights Charges against George Zimmerman.
We demand Civil Rights Charges against Darren Wilson.
We demand Civil Rights Charges against Timothy Loehmann
We demand Civil Rights Charges against Daniel Pantaleo
We demand that you do the job you were appointed to do.
We do not accept excuses and we Demand Action Now!



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